Bear-Kuusamo Ltd

Bear-Kuusamo Ltd is the northest bear-watching place in Finland. It means that we have light throughout the summer.

Bear-Kuusamo lies in eastern Kuusamo near the Russian border. Our huts are new buildings, where you will get a chance to take photographs. The huts are located at half an hour's driving distance from Kuusamo town centre, Kuusamo Airport and Ruka Holiday Resort.


Prices: 120 euros / evening / person
140 euros / night / person
(incl. VAT 24%)

We will start our bear-watching trip in the evening at 7 p.m. and return at the midnight or on the following morning. You can spend a part of the night in a sleeping bag.
Minors get the experience for half price.

Contact info

Bear Kuusamo Ltd  
Pekka Veteläinen 
+358 400 321 453
+358 400 210 681