Bear watching experiences in Kuusamo Finland

Bear Kuusamo Ltd organizes, with a love for animals, bear watching experiences in the heart of Kuusamo. You come here, and we bring you to a place where you see wild bears in their own habitat.

Our cottages are made for photographers. You will get an experience that will make you feel being a part of the Finnish nature. Our bear watching place is the northern most place to watch bears in Finland.  

We do not hurt the bears, we just lure them with delights. The bear decides for itself whether it will come and say hi or not. It seems that the bears like Bear Kuusamo Ltd as we always see our hairy friends with 99% guarantee. The bears are a little shy of the camera, but the nimblest photographers can grab a great shot of the bears.

Look at our bear gallery.

Equipment for the bear watching:

  • weather proof clothing, proper shoes
  • camera, binoculars
  • something to eat and drink during the evening
  • no mosquito repellent or any strong perfumes; on a windless weather they will chase the bears away, too!

Take with you 

  • Camera
  • Outdoor clothes
  • Boots 

Need to be an experience richer? Is it time for a bear-decision? Alright, sign up for bear watching.

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